Tools. Apps. Gear.

I often get messages asking about specific pieces of software or hardware I use. This not a static page, it's a living document with everything that I'm using nowadays.




  • VSCode - After using Sublime for many years, I moved to VSCode like everybody else.
  • SmartGit - While some devs love to use git directly in the terminal I got used to this tool in 2011 and have being using it since then.


  • Oh My ZSH - A collection of ZSH plugins that you install once and you're ready to go.
  • Warp - Really good terminal made in Rust that runs perfect on Mac.


  • 1Password - The first thing I install on any new device.
  • Figma - I never thought something would replace the Adobe suite for me. Figma did.
  • Grammarly - A must-have tool for non-native English speakers like me.
  • Notion - My personal OS with all the notes from all my projects.
  • PostMan - An easy tool to test APIs.


  • Cloudflare - The DNS service I use with all my domains. Amazing product.


  • Sony zv-e10 - Awesome build quality and image. The flip-out LCD screen is super useful.
  • Sigma Lens - The best option for the camera.



  • Kindle - I particularly like this device since it's super simple.
  • Audible - The perfect choice to listen to a book while running outside.